Persian Nahavand Red Hand Tufted Wool Rug

Nahavand is one of Persia’s most prolific rug weaving area. These rugs are produced in villages within the surrounding areas of Nahavand, thus meaning that the most famous rugs go by the individual village names i.e Hossainabad, Nanaj, Nahavand to name a few. These rugs are woven on cotton warps and wefts with symmetrical knots. *Our Persian Rugs are all Handmade to the highest quality. *We have a long standing relationship and co-operation with labour agencies to make sure that rugs are ethically sourced from countries that adhere to child labour laws or other socially unacceptable production. Size: 153cm x 105cm (5ft x 3ft 5 ) Material: 100% Wool Condition: New Origin: Iran 3569 Persian Nahavand Pictures taken may not be of this size of rug but are of the exact same colour and design.

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